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Freagles of India is a registered trust, with the objective to rehabilitate and rehome animals released from testing laboratories in India. Currently, we work only with beagles but who knows what the future holds!

Freagles of India takes custody of beagles that are ready to be released from animal testing laboratories in India as per the CPCSEA Guidelines governing the use of beagles in testing. Dogs are placed in foster care and we conduct complete medical examinations, treat them for anything if required (usually anaemia and dental issues), work on their emotional rehabilitation and then find them suitable homes.Our adoption process is extremely stringent. These beagles, having lived their entire lives in cages, need time and patience to teach them the ways of living as companion animals in homes. There is pre and post adoption counselling extensively done with families to ensure successful adoptions.

Freagle  Stats

Beagles rehabilitated since 2016

Beagles are up for adoption (7 in Ahmedabad, 6 in Bangalore)

Years of operation

Success  Stories

Ruchelle's Odin.

We adopted Odin, an 8-year old freagle last year. Every single aspect, right from the journey to get him home, to ensuring he’s at ease today has been a roller-coaster ride and we’re loving it! All thanks to the wonderful Freagles of India team! The adoption process may be stringent, but it is essential to ensure these dogs go to the right homes. From an extremely shy to a confident boy, Odin has truly blossomed. He loves his walks, loves meeting other dogs and people, and is a hardcore foodie! All credit goes to the amazing support group of the adoption counselors and fellow-freagle parents. We’re first-time pet parents, and every single query of ours has been addressed. I’m proud to say- ‘We are one of the lucky few who have been freagled!’

Molly's adventures

We can’t believe it’s been 3 years. I still remember the sight of my “Pawbie”. She was a baby at that time and was hiding under a table while ignoring all stares and new faces. She was shy, timid and was always intimidated by new people approaching or even when the doorbell rang. She remained isolated while Jenny was so warm to accept her into our family. Today we are in Berlin and the journey was surprisingly a cakewalk for us. We brought her a crate for traveling and she made herself comfortable for the long journey. She has transformed into a fun, naughty Freagle and she wouldn’t think twice before snatching Jenny’s toys. She runs in the streets of Berlin happy and carefree. We named her Molly where “MO” in Odia is my, and “LLY” is Little Love You.I

The tale of Laddoo, Coco & Cola

I relocated to Bangalore from Dubai with my 1 ½-year-old Spitz and I was in search of a companion for him. Chintana’s video about rescuing Beagles caught my attention and I immediately applied for adopting one. I got a call from Nita and within 3 days all the requirements were fulfilled. We got her on her 2nd birthday and named her cola to rhyme with our Spitz Coco.She’d climb on the furniture, act naughty and be my Coco’s best friend. The same year in April, I decided to foster another Freagle and we named him Laddoo. Due to unfortunate kidney failure, we had to let him go. He was with us for 2 ½ years and is still alive in our hearts forever. It was a wonderful journey with Laddoo, and the journey continues with Coco and Cola by our side. I cannot possibly imagine life without my fur babies being a part of it.

Adoption  Process

Step 1

The applicant has to fill out a form. If the details match our criteria, the applicant will be called by one of our adoption counselors. The family is briefed about the changes that they have to go through to maintain a healthy and comfortable space for the beagle.

Step 2

A virtual tour of the house is required for the safety and security of the beagle. Modifications would be done if necessary. The family is then invited to meet the animals. Only then they are allowed to adopt. We reserve the right to cancel the adoption process at any time.

Step 3

We believe that Post-adoption counseling is crucial for successful adoptions and our counselors are always available for any kind of doubts and queries. We also have an online support group in the form of a Facebook group called Beagle Brigade.


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